Modge Podge Tile Coasters

 One of my favorite shower hostess gifts I made, were the personalized tile coasters. Not only were they a hit with all the hostesses, but they were super simple to make. In my opinion, simple DIY is the best DIY. On top of being simple they were cheap… and on top of being cheap they did NOT look cheap! I personalized each tile with either their name or initial in different, fun fonts. They turned out absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait to make more with different designs.

You can use anything from wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, napkins, designs printed off your computer, photos… The possibilities are endless! Jaime over at Prudent Baby used cute matryoshka and owl wrapping paper and the tiles came out adorable. However, if you want to make the tiles look vintage, there is a different technique done by Lee La La that looks awesome. Check it out!

CLICK HERE for a detailed tutorial!

Notes: You can use your coasters the next day but don’t put anything HOT on them for a month – that’s how long it takes the mod podge to fully cure.  If you apply a sealant you can use them sooner. Be sure to let each layer fully dry! Don’t rush the process or you will be sorry last minute Sally. FYI I stumbled across this fun little DIY project on Hostess with the Mostess, which led me to Prudent Baby. Check them both out, cause they are awesome!


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