Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Yay more mason jar projects! Well as you know, I have about 77 jars left, so the more DIY ideas the merrier. This next project will not only take up 4 mason jars, but will also solve my lack of counter space in my very compact bathroom. So excited! A big thanks to the Liz Marie Blog, Everything Lovely, for bringing this wonderfully lovely project to the world.


  • Board
  • Mason Jars
  • Paint
  • Pipe clamps
  • Picture hangers
  • Screws


  1. Paint a board whatever color you would like.You can use leftover paint you have from a room,or just buy a small sample jar of paint.
  2. Attach the pipe clamps to the board.
  3. Secure Mason Jars with pipe clams
  4. Attach picture hangers to back of board
  5. Fill Mason Jars with whatever your heart desires (Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup brushes, tooth brushes, etc.

Notes: Check out the liz marie blog – Everything Lovely for more details on this project and many many more!



  1. What I fantastic idea. It would potentially work with all jars I guess 🙂


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