DIY Laundry Stand/Sorter

I have found a couple of different versions of these online. From what I can tell, the idea seems to have originated from Sausha over at Show & Tell. She in turn inspired Christa from Stories of a House. Both versions are very similar, but I was drawn to Christa’s white version, because of it’s clean, white lines and wicker baskets. Below you will find Christa’s in depth how-to-guide to making your laundry room way more bearable. I only wish my laundry room was not my closet, then I would not have to wait so long to make my own.


  • 4″x4″x8′ wood post
  • (2) 6″x1″x8′ trim board
  • (6) 2″x2″x8′ furring
  • (1) 1/4″ thick 4′x8′ premium plywood
  • (2) 1/2″ thick 4′x8′ middle grade plywood
  • A handful of wood screws
  • (8) small “L” brackets


Cut the 4×4 post into four sections about 18″ tall (because that accommodates the heighth of the baskets). The footprint for the washer/dryer is 55″x26″, so cut the top ½″ plywood to that dimension less ¾″ on each side. The best way to cut a large board is to clamp a straight edge (level) to the board as a guide for the circular saw. You will need saw horses or tables to support the boards so it won’t pinch while cutting.

Build a rectangular frame on the top and bottom with the 2×2 furring and insert three intermediate cross members. Screw the top rectangular wood frame on top of the four corner posts. Use brackets to connect the bottom frame to the wood posts, because you want the posts to rest on the floor to support the load of the appliances. I recommend drilling pilot holes before installing larger screws. Once the frames are complete use the nail gun to secure the plywood panels and miter cut trim on the sides of the top edge.

 The small crown trim squares have to be precision miter cut and glued to the 4×4 posts. If nailed to the posts they will split. Because of the rounded edges, it is difficult to judge the exact size, so I recommend making slightly longer pieces and then cutting it specific to fit.

The slide-out feature is pretty simple, using leftover ¼″ plywood and three drawer slides.

Feel free to prime and paint drawer to match the rest of the laundry stand… or maybe even a contrasting accent color. Get creative!

Secure baskets to the plywood so they wouldn’t slide around and scratch everything up. You ladies understand.

Good luck y’all!

Notes: Don’t forget to check out both Show and Tell and Stories of a House


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