S’More Por Favor

Here is a very fun, simple and inexpensive project that packs a big punch in a very cute little package. I love these kinds of projects… People think you spent so much time, energy and money, when really it was the opposite. Well, maybe it takes some time and a little bit of energy, but it is definitely time and energy well spent.

I used these favors at our Couple’s Wedding Shower that was cowboy chic themed. I know what you are thinking, I have all these posts about projects I did for my OWN shower, what’s the deal? Well, the shower was thrown for me by my two Maids of Honor, who have been my best friends since kindergarten. Letting me be involved with the party planning was their gift to me. So I thank them for letting me get my DIY fix.


  • Marshmallows
  • Small Hershey Bars
  • Graham Crackers
  • Cellophane bags
  • Hole punch
  • Twist ties (usually come with the bags)


Put it in the bag and wrap it up. Simple right? You can personalize the tag anyway you like. I made mine in 1.5 inch circles on my computer and then cut them out with a hole punch. Easy peasy!

Notes: Project Wedding did another version of this that is equally as cute but a little more involved in terms of time and energy. It goes a little further and includes a wire hanger and directions for roasting the perfect S’More. The finished project is definitely worth the while. Check it out!



  1. Very cute idea! Love it


  1. […] is a party without favors? We made little S’More Favors for each guest with little personalized tags that said, “S’MORES, […]

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