Kitty Steps

So the Hubby and I are working very diligently to get this new home of ours in order… Slowly but surely everything is coming along. The main living areas (living room, dining room and kitchen) are pretty much taken care of. The office is coming along and the bedroom is in shambles, but should be the simplest to pull together once we decide to focus on it. We are taking it one day at a time… Baby kitty steps. Most recently we have been discussing incorporating some sort of furniture for the cat. Like any crazy cat, BooBoo Kitty loves being up high so naturally we thought we should get her a cat tree. The only problem is cat trees are sooooo ugly and not that cheap. So to the internet we went in search of some creative cat furniture.

First we stumbled upon this “lofty” gem on, fittingly called the Kittyloft. They also had a write up on apartment therapy and Design Sponge. All this coverage, yet I can’t seem to find how to make them anywhere. They seem to be similar to floating shelves, because I do not see any brackets, but I am still not quite sure how they pulled it off… Maybe it’s only secured at the base and the top. Guess I will have to keep researching.

Regardless how it’s made, Kittyloft was very inspirational and made me want to go buy a miter saw so I can attempt to make my own. I love the efficient use of vertical space, its minimal space intrusion and the awesome pop of color. After drooling over this beautiful creation for a while, I came to terms with the fact that I may have to downsize my dreams for now, and build something a little less labor intensive that doesn’t require going out and buying MORE tools. Lowe’s and Home Depot have become my new TJ Maxx, which reminds me I have not been to TJ Maxx in a while… may have to fix that this week.

Since we decided to downsize our dreams a tad, Ikea immediately popped into my head. Don’t get me wrong I love Ikea. Well, actually I love to hate Ikea, but that is besides the point. Ikea makes floating shelves we thought would be perfect for this idea. Guess what. We were not the only ones…

Tons of people online created cat steps, cat perches or even cat beds out of Ikea LACK shelving. I like how the photo on the left makes it look like normal shelves staggered on a wall that the cat just happens to frequent. This way, if for some reason she does not take to her new furniture, they can be reused for storage purposes. However, I don’t think this will happen. BooBoo is a stereotypical cat. She likes everything a cat is supposed to. She sleeps all day, goes crazy for cat nip, loves cat grass and does tricks for cat treats. She also follows me around the house from room to room and will chase a ball if you throw it. Okay, so she is more atypical than stereotypical, but I know she will love it! I also like how in the pic to the right they have put cat silhouettes on the wall. Very cute and definitely will have to incorporate into our design.

I think the staggered shelf is the way to go. It will serve its purpose and yet still be appealing to the eye. Maybe someday I will be a professional wood worker with every tool in the box to make magical floor to ceiling  cat stairs that are perfectly even and safe. Until then I will continue to love to hate Ikea.

Notes: Stay tuned for an UPDATE soon! 



  1. So cute! My cat would go crazy for this.

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