Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole Success

So I made the Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole and it turned out really well. When I say “well” I mean it tasted good… It did have some other issues. It came out a little watery, but that is probably my fault. I ended up using a little extra chicken than the recipe recommended, which made me a little nervous about the seasoning with added the chicken, so I added a tad of chicken stock for good measure. I’m assuming this is where the extra liquid came from. I think if I would have added a little more rice it would have all leveled out, plus I think it could use a little more rice regardless.

All in all it was a hit though. I spooned it into bowls instead of a plate due to extra liquid, and the chicken was so tender and juicy we did not even need a knife and were able to fork it. It was a nice little compact meal on the couch in front of The Office. A welcomed contrast from all the more complicated and involved meals I have been making that use almost every dish in my kitchen. I will definitely make it again and maybe adjust the moist to dry ingredient ratio a tad. FYI the Hubby warmed it up for leftovers last night and it seemed to age well and definitely lost its too much liquid factor after a night in the fridge.

What I Learned: Next time I will add a tad more rice and try it without the chicken stock for experimental purposes… If it’s not amazing, I am going back the original cause I kinda liked it that way.

Notes: YAY! I made it to the UPDATE stage of the blog… Next on the list add pictures of my creation with the update next time! Slowly but surely we will get there I promise. One step at a time people. Want the full Chicken and Rice Casserole recipe? Click Here!


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