Pasta alla Fabulous

Finally I got to make Pasta alla Formiana. Yes, I know I only posted the recipe today, but it has been on my mind ever since I saw Giada make it on the Food Network weeks ago. I personally thought it was delowcious. That is until the Hubby chimed in. It all started with when I simply asked him to cut the tomatoes, and he not so politely informed me that he had an issue with big chunks of tomato in his food. I quickly thanked him for his opinion and asked him to get out of my kitchen. Don’t think I will be asking him for help again. I thought that was the end of it… I was sure that once he tasted this amazing meal he would eat his words… Nope. He was silent through most the meal, especially when I was declaring it my favorite dish I have cooked yet. Then he suddenly voiced his need for meat and went to the fridge to fetch last weeks left over turkey from Turkey Taco Tuesday… Wow, really that bad huh? I absorbed the blow the best I could and thought, “Ok maybe he is right… I could stand to put some sausage in here or maybe some ground beef.” After he finished the meal, but was obviously unsatisfied, he wanted to know what the dish was seasoned with. After I told him, he quickly let me know he does not like oregano. What?!? You, Mr. Grasso, don’t like oregano? Aren’t you Italian? Ok whatever… I loved this meal so much I refuse to not make it again. Instead I will try to adjust it a tad to appeal more to my picky husband.

Next time I will probably cut the amount of oregano in half (¼ cup is quite a bit especially for someone who apparently does not like it) and I will make up for the other half  with basil instead. I will also add some sort of protein so my growing boy will get his fix. I am not as annoyed as I sound… Ok, maybe I am. But I will calm down eventually. I just don’t like not having someone not like my food. It just makes you feel crappy. Ya know? Another day another meal I guess.

Notes: I served the pasta with a lemon infused Cesar Salad. Maybe a little chicken in the salad would have rectified the situation. Actually, I don’t think anything could have saved this one. Until next time Pasta alla Formiana… Until next time. On another note, thank you to said complaining Hubby for taking the wonderful pictures. I now have proof that I cooked a legitimate meal and that it looked presentable, even if nobody liked it. Correction, I loved it!


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