A Bed Fit For a King… and a Queen… and a Cat

We got a new bed… We got a new bed… Naner naner naner. Well don’t get too jealous yet. First of all it is not the bed you see to your right… Second, the new bed is huge and our room is small. No worries. We agreed in the beginning that the bed was going to be pretty much the only thing in the room, which is good, since not much more would fit. In fact we had exactly 31 and a half inches on each side to spare. Guess how wide the 2 dressers we wanted to use as our night stands were… Yep 31 and a half inches exactly. Ridiculous. This was too close for comfort. I had my heart set on symmetry, but we can’t really imagine downgrading to the smaller dresser, cause we need the space, so I will take the shorter wider one and he will get the taller skinnier one. Hmmmm, now that I put that in writing it seems even more fitting and insulting all at the same time. I am not going to post pictures of the bedroom yet, because the room as a whole is nowhere near complete. Plus, the new bed is not really the reason for this post. It’s more about the old bed and how I am going to repurpose it. Sooooo excited.

Since are apartment is pretty small, when we brought the new bed in last night, we immediately threw the old bed out on the deck until we knew what we were going to do with it. As soon as the bed hit the deck I suggested we should just sleep outside. There was a moment of silence where I knew the Hubby was thinking, “Huh, that actually is not too bad of an idea.” It took a moment for his brain to register that what I said was not completely ridiculous, like it usually is, and then the wheels started turning and the fingers started googling. “How to waterproof a mattress”, “Waterproof covers”, “Outdoor beds”, etc. I am not quite sure the process I am going to use just yet, but here is some inspiration that I found.

The Hanging Bed

More Design Please introduced me to this beauty found on the blog, Life at Fire Lake Camp. Now, I am not sure that we will be able the accomplish the hanging aspect of the outdoor bed. At least not at this stage of lives, but maybe someday. If you would like more details about this project and more thorough instructions Click Here!

Pallet Day Bed

I love the mobility of this bed. It is so easy to transport to a different part of the party or even inside if you don’y want it in the rain. As I look at these bed options I am not sure how well they will work with a Queen mattress… Hmmm that’s one big “day bed” you got there… Yeah this one might not work for me either, but check out Prudent Baby’s how to for all the details.

Notes: So many ideas and so little time. I found some awesome projects for the outdoors during my outdoor bed search. Stay tuned for more!



  1. […] Correction, who knew there were any uses for wood pallets. I wrote a post earlier this week called A Bed Fit For a King… and a Queen… and a Cat, that showed an outdoor bed made out of wood pallets. This got me thinking… What else can you […]

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