Mmmm Chicken Chili

Round 2 of Chicken Chili went seamlessly. I added black beans this time, which I think totally gave it the chili flair it was lacking before. I also learned a little trick (by mistake of course). I accidentally did not make enough chicken for the amount of broth that we had, but in retrospect, if you are only cooking for 2 people, that is okay and in fact even better. There is NO WAY that any 2 persons could ever polish off the amount of chili this recipe yields, so without a doubt it is going to be eaten as leftovers. We actually have had it for leftovers twice since I made it last week and there is still enough for a nice little lunch. Mmmm I am excited just thinking about it now. Maybe it will be breakfast. Anyway my point is, the chicken is the most delicate ingredient in this recipe. After it is cooled and warmed up a couple of times, it starts to get tough and unappetizing. FYI tough and unappetizing are not words you want to use to describe your food. So, if you make just enough chicken for the 2 of you to eat on the first night, it is super simple to cook up some more chicken and add it to the warmed up chili the next time you eat it. That way the chicken tastes fresh and the chili tastes even better than the night before, because the flavors had a chance to marry.

This brings me to a very important factor in cooking this meal. The cHiCkeN. As I said above, the chicken is the most delicate part of the meal and in my house the most important, because the Hubby needs his protein. You want to make sure it is cooked just right so it really stands out (for the right reasons) in this meal. Be sure to bake it until JUST COOKED almost under cooked! You want the chicken very tender and juicy, because you are going to let it simmer in a pot of hot chili for like half an hour, plus possibly heat it up again the next night for leftovers. All this time the chicken is still cooking so be kind to the chicken and don’t over cook it.

Note: Apparently my Hubby is not a fan of any light dairy products… God you learn a lot about your spouse in the first couple months of marriage. So if your hubby is like my Hubby, leave the Light Sour Cream in the dairy isle and commit to a calorie splurge ladies… Or do like we do with our bathrooms, each get your own! Luckily sour cream comes in smaller containers, so buying one light and one regular is not out of the question.


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