Creative Storage

When you live in a garage apartment that has no linen closet and limited storage space in general, you need to get creative. It can also be an issue when you can’t really afford to buy all those nifty storage solutions at the local retail stores. So here are a couple of creative storage ideas that are a little outside the box, but still inside your budget.

Toilet Paper Vase

This was perfect for me, because I had bought a similar sized vase at a thrift store in California, that either was already cracked or got cracked in the move. However, the crack does not go all the way through. I even tested it with water and it doesn’t leak at all, but it still makes me nervous to use in its traditional form, so time to repurpose it.

Towel Baskets

This caught my eye, because right now my towels are in a basket, but that basket is on the floor, which kinda grosses me out. I feel like the towels are getting dirty down there. Plus they are taking up a lot of floor space. If I could pick them up off the floor without having to purchase an ugly over the toilet cabinets I will never use again, I would be ecstatic. Baskets can always be reused and repurposed, especially these nesting ones.  

Wine Multipurpose Rack

Love, Love, Love. I have even seen these type of wine racks used to hold bath towels as well, but I think this is much more practical. For me at least. Hang this over or near the toilet and keep at the necessities close by. Use the decorated cardboard rolls to disguise those lovely feminine products that boys don’t like or need to know about. Check out The Gathering Place Design to learn how to make your own.

Wake Up Makeup Brush Holder

This is a nice way to keep your makeup brushes in order and bring a nice wake you up in the morning coffee smell to the bathroom (or wherever you store your makeup). I personally keep mine in a bag in my purse, because I take my makeup everywhere. However, I like this so much I may go out and get some new brushes to keep for home.



  1. These are all wicked cute ideas. I personally love the basket shelves, I may try it myself if I can find similar baskets. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Will do, thanks :]

  3. I absolutely love the coffee bean idea, I’m a major coffee lover 🙂

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