Modge Podge Crazy

Too bad they do not sell Modge Podge at Costco, because I could definitely use industrial sized amounts of it on a daily basis. It is amazing… It glues… It seals… It finishes… and it makes delowcious crafts! I love anything that assists in making like more beautiful.

Nesting Boxes

I have been eyeing this project for a while. I have the nesting hat boxes already, but they are hidden in the back of my closet, because they are this ugly blue and yellow moon theme. I have nothing against blue and yellow, or the moon for that matter, but it just does not go with my color scheme. I love these ones done by Portabellopixie. I just can’t decide if I should use paper or fabric. I think I am going to go with fabric so I can accomplish Sandi’s softness of the boxes. (Shhhh don’t tell, but I think she said she only used Modge Podge for around the lid and used spray adhesive everywhere else) That’s ok, we still love it!

Necklace Mannequin

I probably won’t use this project (at least not for myself), because I already have an awesome Buddha with his hands in the air that holds my necklaces… But that is no reason for me to keep this project from you. Having such an easy place to keep your jewelry safe will really help extend the life of your jewelry and keep you table tops from looking cluttered with miscellaneous earrings and necklaces. I don’t know how many times I have lost or broken jewelry because I left it lying around. It is a good thing I don’t wear anything of much value. Well except for my new ring of course, but that puppy never comes off my finger for very long.  A Diamond in the Stuff offers a very detailed tutorial on how to create such a unique piece.

Gift Boxes

Since I have moved out of my grandmothers home, I have learned the value in her well stocked gift wrapping closet. Apparently boxes and gift wrap cost money… Who would have thought? If planned accordingly you can get free boxes from department stores and start your own little stash, but that is never as easy as it sounds… Here is a fun little project, by Sarah Ortega, you can use to decorate your gift boxes whether you buy them, or acquire them. These are so cute you might not want to give them away. In that case, use them to store stuff!

Upcycled Ballet Flats

I love these, because if I am not in flip-flops, I am in a pair of flats (usually leopard to be exact). I never thought of upcycling my flats after they get all old and dingy looking. I usually just toss them out and go buy another pair if I have not already stocked up. Yep, that’s right… In my closet right now you will find 2 pairs of leopard flats, 2 pairs of purple and only one sad black pair that I noticed yesterday is definitely in need of an upgrade. I am not sure Modge Podge can save these puppies. It’s more of a sole problem, but maybe Notes from the Bench’s project can help your shoe woes.

TV Tray

TV trays are easy to come by… Cute TV Trays on the other hand are a little less frequent. This project is great, because one trip to the Goodwill/Thrift Store and you are bound to find an old broken down TV Tray that looks like it would only match a home decor from 1982… Or worse yet it is stained or scratched and seems to have no luster. WRONG! Modge Podge to the rescue… AGAIN, mind you. Modge Podge can make anything look pretty again. Maggie gives you her play-by-play of how to get the job done on her blog, Maggie Rose Interiors.


Ahhhhh! I have been looking for a creative way to store all my fabric samples and I think I found it. Nothing like making the container that holds the stuff I use to make stuff beautiful, beautiful too. This is where it all starts to come full circle. Pretty soon I am going to be Modge Podgeing the Modge Podge bottle. Hmmm, now that is an idea. Check out this fabulous tutorial by The 36th Avenue. Did I mention that it was fabulous. Next time I go home to Cali I am so raiding my grandfather’s suitcases. I know he has an old one like this that will be perfect!


I love bagels bangles… Mmmm I also love bagels, but that is besides the point. Nobody wants a Modge Podged bagel. Well who knows, maybe they do, but I don’t… At least not right now. I want bangles! Damn it… now I am hungry and I want a bagel. First things first. Modge Podged Bangels! Don’t you hate when you are trying to buy jewelry for a special outfit, but nothing you find seems to work. Well, make your own then. Buy some really cheap bangels… doesn’t matter what they look like, find the right fabric or paper and Modge Podge away. One Pearl Button gives an awesome tutorial on how she made these awesome bagels bangles. Check out the tutorial… I am going to Einsteins!


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