Pots Can Be Delowcious

I definitely have my future outdoor oasis on the brain. Ever since I posted the outdoor beds I can not stop dreaming about all the cool stuff I am going to put out there. So far we have our conversation set, which is a black wicker with Chartreuse pillows and black damask accent pillows. The wicker is not bad a promise. It looks good. We have a bed with a plastic bag cover that I still need to make a cover and pillows for out of outdoor material. We have some pots (but not delowcious pots) and cool decorative bird cages. We have a dark black/brown wickerish outdoor storage bench and we are soon getting a grill. The plan is to also build a picnic table and get some doors and make them look vintage for decor and to block some of the unsightliness of next door.  We have a lot of work to do.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the greenery. Mainly because I feel like that is the aspect that will really transform the space, but also because I have never gardened before and I am a little nervous. I have found some great fun ideas online that make gardening look prettier without even considering the actual plant. This is my type of gardening. Bring on the delowcious pots…

Trash Can Garden

These not only look great, but they are cost-effective as well. I am not sure if you know this, but pot cost a lot of effing money. Too much in my opinion. This is the perfect solution ugly, boring and expensive pots. Check out the tutorial on HGTV.

Fabric Pots

I am a Modge Podge freak… Love it… Wish I could eat… Want to Modge Podge my whole house… Plus I just like to say it… M-O-D-G-E P-O-D-G-E… Doesn’t it sound cool? That’s cause it is! Look how cool it made this boring terra-cotta pot look. Totally rad! Check out the how to by Christine Chitnis.

Mason Jar Planter

I posted a similar project using smaller mason jars called Mason Jar Bathroom Storage. This project is by Not Just A Housewife and is equally as awesome.

Pallet Garden

Ok so this isn’t really a pot, but talk about cheap gardening. This is a great DIY recycle project… Gosh think of all the fun things you could make with a wood pallet… I smell a new post idea coming on. LIFE ON THE BALCONY tells you how to make it yours.



  1. You suggested this perfectly!

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