Totally Tubular Tilapia Taco Tuesday

I am so fricken proud of myself right now. Not only did Tilapia Taco Tuesday actually happen on an actual Tuesday, but it was delicious. Pardon me, delowcious! I am not going to lie. I was a little nervous, but about the weirdest things… Like cutting the cabbage… I have never cut cabbage before, and I had no idea how to make it look all professional. I am not sure if I accomplished the look I was going for, but it worked. I conquered the cabbage.

So I started with making my own pico de gallo. I used the one from the Tilapia Taco Tuesday recipe, but I left the seeds in my jalapeno and used red onion. I prefer more of a spicy bite in my salsa, so I was not feeling the whole sweet onion and mild spicy flavor of the one they suggested.

Then I moved onto the yogurt sauce. I know I said before I was not sure about their recommended yogurt sauce, which was right, because it was totally boring. BUT I found out that I LOVE Greek Yogurt. Oh my God it is amazing. It tastes like the tart frozen yogurt at those self-serve yogurt places.  Love, love, love and I am going to literally eat it all day, which is ok, because Greek Yogurt is good for you! Ok back to the yogurt sauce. Obviously it tasted ok, because it basically tasted like Greek Yogurt and lime, and as we already established I love Greek Yogurt, but it was just a little boring for fish taco purposes. So I jazzed it up. Remember the Wahoo’s Fish Taco Green Sauce recipe I posted? I used the base of what I already had with the Greek Yogurt, mayo and lime and added some of those ingredients to give it a little more flavor. I broke out the food processor… Ha that is funny that I say BROKE out, because after I added all my ingredients and pressed go the light went on, but that was it… Nothing… Not even a hum. I am pretty sure it is broken and I only used it once. The Hubby thinks it’s the motor, I think it is bullshit! Whatever, Crate and Barrel better take that shit back and get me a new one. Ok sorry, as you can see I am a little fired up about it….

Okay maybe a new paragraph will help – Lets talk taco sauce… Again. I added some more lime, cilantro, salt and since I did not have a pablano pepper, I used a little of the jalapeno I had left over. Then I put it all in my trusty food processor Magic Bullet and mixed it all together. Can you believe that? My fancy and very expensive Cuisinart food proccessor crapped out after one measly use, but my magic bullet that I have had for like 6 years, beaten up, moved across country, left in storage and basically not taken care of what so ever, yep that motor is humming like a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 fastback… Ok maybe it sounds more like a 1963 Volkswagen bug, but at least it gets the job done.

Next I moved onto the avocado. I always have an issue with serving avocado, because I can never make it look pretty. When I do Taco Tuesday, I don’t like to make your taco for you. I lay all the ingredients out in little matching serving bowls, with little mini serving spoons and let you build your own. I figure I registered for all this damn serving wear, I might as well use it. It is fun. I feel like we are having a dinner party every night. So anyway, I can never display the avocado slices so they look pretty. Part of it is my problem, because I mush the avocado somehow when I try to cut it into pieces. So basically, I need to learn how to cut the avocado properly… I will get there… Someday I will get there. Instead, I took the avocado and added a little pico and made guacamole. Done and done.

Then I cooked the fish and I did it just as the recipe said. Here is my only issue, (Well, not my issue, but the Hubby’s) How do you keep the fish warm? I tried really hard. I kept it covered in its serving bowl and everything. In my opinion it is a fish taco, it doesn’t have to be warm, but next time I will work on it. Maybe next time I won’t make him take pictures of the food before he eats… That might help. 😉

Well that is pretty much the end of the meal… It turned out great! Oh I also used fresh tortillas from the grocery store. Our Kroger has a section where they make fresh hot tortillas… I think that really helps. I hate prepackaged tortillas. They are enough to ruin any meal. I also used feta cheese. The flavor really complimented the fish. If you don’t like feta, you can use any cheese really. Go run with it and make it your own. Maybe you don’t like cilantro, or jalapenos, or fish… Well, if you don’t like those things maybe you should eat a different meal, but feel free to tweak your recipes all you want and you might ruin it or you mind really like it. Who knows, you may find out you love Greek Yogurt more than life itself and don’t know how you have gone 27 years on God’s green earth without eating it. You never know…


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