Fishy Spicy Mayo Chicken

Last night I made Paula’s Spicy Mayo Chicken and Veggie Basket. It was super simple and easy to make. Plus it was nice to make a chicken dish that only takes 20 minutes of cook time. It came out okay, or as the Hubby puts it, “I cooked it as good as I could have.” No no he is not that big of an asshole. He totally appreciates my cooking. For sake of the blog, I ask for his honest opinion and he was just not a huge fan of the marinade itself. He felt as though it was more of a fish marinade than a chicken, which I agreed. I think this marinade is very seafood suitable. However, since the marinade is so heavy due to the mayo base, I would recommend using a firm white fish, like a snapper or something similar.

I absolutely loved the flavor of the Veggie Basket. I cooked them on a stovetop grill and they came out great. My only issue arose when I drank a little too much wine at dinner and decided to clean the dishes up in the morning. The grill sat all night in the veggie grease and I think it is now ruined. 😦

Notes: Isn’t my Hubby getting good at the food pictures?


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