Popping The Question!

After getting a very good response from my Will You Be My Bridesmaid? post last week, I decided to do another post giving more fun and creative ideas on how to pop the question to your gals without breaking the bank. There are many free websites out there that not only offer fun DIY ideas, but also offer free downloads. One of my absolute favorite resources is The Wedding Chicks. Here’s a taste of what they offer…

Free Downloads

Now don’t be afraid to get creative. not only can you print these out and give them to your gals as cards, but you can do sooooo much more with them. Have them put on a coffee mug, or print out their initial in the monogram section and iron it on a shirt so all the ladies match as you get ready on the big day. You can even make them their own personal tote bag to hold all of their ‘Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid Goodies.” One of my favorite things about these printables is that they are all fully customizable. Change the color of the design and the writing to match your wedding colors or if you are a super accommodating bride pick their favorite colors to personalize them even more. Sorry girls… I guess I am not an accommodating bride. I like my ladies to match. It is just my thing, but I am sure someone out their will like this option.

All this talk about the ladies, I almost forgot about the dudes. Yes, guys can ask their buddies to be their groomsmen in fun and creative ways too. It does not have to be girly to be DIY. There are many manly, yet still unique ways to ask the boys to be a part of such a special day. One of my faves was created by Stephanie, of Stephanie Hunter Photography. Stephanie loved The Wedding Chicks free printables, but did not want to settle for using them as just cards. She wanted something that really read into her and her fiance’s style and something that their friends would love, so she thought outside the box and came up with the Will You Be My Groomsmen Bottle Lables. I think this idea was phenomenal and I honestly wish I could ask our friends all over again. It is so perfect on so many levels. Maybe your guy really likes beer (what guy doesn’t), or better yet maybe he brews his own at home… Print out one of The Wedding Chicks free “Will You Be My Groomsmen” cards on some adhesive paper and turn it into a personalized 6 pack of brews for his buds.

What was that ladies… You like beer too? No problemo! The Wedding Chicks have got the chicas covered as well. Print out your own Will You Be My Bridesmaid Bottle Labels and make your own matching six-pack for the ladies. Use beer, spiked lemonade, wine, or root beer… Anything in a bottle really. Now you’ve got your bottles, but how do you hand them out. It is sort of hard to mail a six-pack. Maybe plan a party for your friends and give them all at the same time. This way all your attendants find out at the same time and get a chance to meet/know each other better before the big day. Plus you get to have a party and I am always looking for excuses to have one of those. This idea is great for theme loving brides. Come on… You know who you are… You worry about every single little detail and want everything to match and stay within in the wedding theme. This project is perfect for you. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out The Wedding Chicks’ other FREE PRINTABLE WEDDING TEMPLATES!


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