DIY Chalkboard Door


  • 1 can of KRYLON Chalkboard indoor paint… Flat Black (it is a yellow can)
  • Sand paper
  • Paint roller
  • Chalk and Eraser


  1. Wash your chosen door so you don’t have any dust or sticky stuff getting in the way of the paint.
  2. Sand down your door with sand paper. Don’t sand too much just enough to make your surface smooth but rough enough to hold paint.
  3. Wipe off the door once more to get the dust you just made from sanding.
  4. Paint first layer of paint then let dry for 48 hours.
  5. Paint second coat and let dry for another 48 hours.
  6. Once paint is completely dry take a piece of chalk and rub it all over the entire painted surface of your door. Make sure you get the whole surface (this helps the chalk to stick on the chalkboard when you begin to write on it.)
  7. Take your eraser and erase all your chalk. Now you can begin to use your chalkboard door!

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