For the Love of Crescent Rolls

Crescent rolls can make for some very tasty recipes. First off, they are delicious on their own, but after you add some fun ingredients they can become absolutely delowcious! Pam over at For the Love of Cooking has come up with some fabulous ideas that take crescent rolls to a whole new level and definitely make me want to do the Pillsbury Doughboy laugh constantly.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Filled Crescent Rolls

These look and sound beyond wonderful. They could also be good as warm peanut butter and jelly crescent roll sandwiches. What do you think? I will have to try it. Talk about the perfect lunch on the go.

Click Here for the Recipe!

Cinnamon and Sugar Crescent Rolls

Just when I thought a crescent roll couldn’t look any tastier. My mouth is watering just looking and the picture. I would eat these for breakfast or dessert. Who am I kidding? I would eat these for breakfast, lunch dinner, dessert, afternoon snack, midnight snack, anytime really.

Click Here for the Recipe!

Breakfast Braid

This is great and right up my Hubby’s alley. I love things that come in little pockets, like burritos or those horribly awesome apple pies from McDonald’s. These actually remind me a lot of those. Substitute apple and cinnamon for bacon, eggs and cheese of course.

Click Here for the Recipe!



  1. Monique Nielsen says:

    I love it!!! 🙂

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