Inspiration Board – Rustic Wedding

1. Chalkboard Door: Making your own chalkboard door is super simple CLICK HERE to learn how.

2. Dark Brown Balsa Wood Flower Cake: When it came to making my wedding cake, I was inspired by the ladies and dudes over at Sweet and Saucy Shop in Long Beach, CA. They are also responsible for this lovely cake. You have to check out their website. They are some of the most talented cake designers I have ever seen.

3: Redneck Wineglasses: I love these. My in-laws actually bought my husband a pair and we used them as our toasting flutes at our wedding. No we did not have a rustic wedding in a barn. Even though I would have love to. We actually had a very elegant wedding, but the glasses brought the little touch of southern that is in both of our hearts. They were perfect.

4. Mason Jar Invitations:  Love these invitations? Guess what… They are FREE! Yep FREE! Just go to The Wedding Chicks and print them off for $0. They have tons of other free printables and downloads.

5. Wedding Signs: Wedding signs of all shapes and sizes are fantastic. And you don’t have to have a rustic wedding to make them work. No matter what your theme is, There are tons of places throughout your event to use signs. You can make them yourself with a little work and creativity, or you can go to and find a vendor you like to make them for you. I love Etsy!


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