DIY Owl Creations

My girlfriend, Miss Mary ‘Frankie’ Ferris, is an amazing and talented interior designer. She also is super creative and crafty. I swear she could go on one of those Design Star shows. She recently started a new company, Frankie Accessories, where she sells handmade handbags and earrings as of late. I actually just purchased one of her bags and I love it!!! Well I love it from afar right now… (That’s it on the right) When your friend makes bags you don’t have to worry about paying shipping & handling… I score the benefits of hand delivery the next time she is moseying through town. I can’t wait until my new ‘Stud Muffin’ is chilling in my closet.

If you look closely at her logo you will notice that her company “mascot” is an owl, and sometimes she even incorporates them into her design. (The zipper on my new bag is a little owl… I love it, and it was definitely the deal sealer in my purchase) Anyway, with the birth of her new company, I am reminded of how much I really really really like owls. However, I could never display my owl affection in college, because I was a Delta Gamma, and our sorority symbol was an anchor. The Chi Omega’s were the owls. Needless to say I could not be caught dead with an owl anywhere near me, or I would have been considered a traitor. No no, it wasn’t that serious, but it definitely would not have been considered cool. I figured 5 years out of college, I am now far enough removed to proclaim my owl love. Now that I have one in my closet, or will soon enough, I think it is time to get one for the house. Maybe a little ceramic statue or something along those lines? I can replace one of my 5 buddhas I have sprinkled throughout my home. I am Catholic I swear… I just really like buddhas and TJ Maxx/HomeGoods. Anyways, I am now on the owl prowl. I found some absolutely fantastic DIY owl projects that would make for great decor and some fun gifts! Check them out…

Click Below for the How-To

1. DIY Plush Owl Pillow // 2. DIY Owl Pin Cushion // 3. DIY Pillow Box Owls // 4. Owl Sweater

Notes: Be sure to check out Frankie Accessories on Etsy and if you follow her on Facebook you can get inside looks of what she is making next, so you can snag it before it hits the shop!



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