Poof Balls Outside the Box

If you know anything about me you know I love me some tissue pom-poms poof balls. Martha Stewart may call them tissue pom-poms, but I call them poof balls. I can’t help it. It is just want comes out of my mouth when I think of them. I have used poof balls to decorate for parties, dinners, gift wrap and even used them at my wedding rehearsal as my bouquet instead of those horrible shower bow bouquets (I hate those). I made about 50 of them for my wedding shower and could not bare to throw them away, they were just too beautiful. So I ended up storing them in my childhood bedroom at my grandmother’s house. They looked absolutely perfect in there, because the room is covered head to toe with pink flowers. The wallpaper… The bedspread… Everything! Adding piles of pink textured tissue poof balls only added to the ridiculousness and sort of made it all work. So I guess you could say I have used them as home decor as well. I would like to use them in our new home hanging in a room somewhere. I always thought it would look so cool if you covered an entire wall with them. You could do it in a baby’s room or make it for a photo backdrop for a party or wedding. It would definitely make for some interesting a colorful pictures. There are tons of uses for these adorable little buggers, which got me wondering how else I could incorporate them in my life. So to the internet I went in search of fun and unique uses for Martha Stewart Pom-Poms My Poof Balls. Trust me I was not disappointed. Check it out!

These are all so great. I love the little animal poofs for a kids party, or the monogram for a baby or wedding shower. However my favorite has to be the tissue paper wreath. You can use it year round as every day home decor, or you can personalize it for the holidays. So amazing!

Click Below for the How-To

1. Animal Poof Balls // 2. Monogram Poof Balls // 3. Poof Ball Wreath


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