Love That Never Expires…

The day of love gets closer and closer every day. For some reason that seems to freak most people out. I sort of understand and sympathize with all of the Hallmark Holiday complaints. It is no fun to think companies cash in on a required expression of love, but I have a different take on the whole day. First off I don’t think there is anything wrong with devoting a day to love. Don’t get me wrong, I think you should express how you feel on the other 364 days as well, but taking one day out of your busy life to give a little extra to the ones you love is not a bad thing. However, “a little extra” doesn’t mean you have to celebrate by buying fancy gifts or expensive dinners. Somewhere along the line showing your love got translated to $$$, which is not cool. You can tell someone you care for little to no money at all, especially when you express your feelings with a homemade gift, which brings me to todays DIY project in the Valentine’s Day countdown.

This one is an oldie, but a goodie… Printable Love Coupons. Remember making these handmade coupons for your mom when you were like seven with 32 cents to your name? Well, now you are 27 going on 28 and may have a little more cash in your pocket, but like I said before, $$$ ≠ LOVE.  However, since you are little older now, we can up the production value of our love coupons and even make them a little more “interesting” if you know what I mean. Feel free to get as risqué as you like. Don’t have glitter thumb for DIY, no worries. I stumbled upon these wonderful FREE printables by Key Lime Digital Designs, via Tatertots and Jello. On a totally unrelated note, I would just like to say I love tatertots. If my Hubby really wanted to say he loved me, he would cook me a whole bag of tatertots for dinner on Valentine’s Day. (I guess it was not such an unrelated note after all, just totally random and a little sad.)

Okay back to the coupons. These are awesome. You can give them to your man/lady or even family or friends (some say things like a free meal or movie). If you have any kiddos you can give them the ‘free chore day’ coupon. I am sure they would love that one. I don’t have and children yet, so I may keep this one for myself and spring it on my Hubby on a day I am feeling tired. See the coupons can be for everyone, but be sure to save the kisses and back rubs for your lover or it may get a little weird. There are also a couple of blank ones that you can spice up if you like 😉 Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to get the FREE printable pdf!



  1. wow, this is soo great!!! Thanks for sharing


  1. […] is possibly my favorite DIY project for the Valentine’s Day season. Well right after Love Coupons of course. The love soaps are so adorable and useful at the same time. I found these from non other […]

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