Dragon Fruit Salad

Yesterday I posted about some  delowcious dragon fruit and how awesome it is. Well today I made a fruit salad out of it with some pineapple and it tasted fantastical. The pineapple was so sweet and juicy that it really gave the dragon fruit the kick it needed to make it taste as good as it looks. I will definitely be making this again and will probably add some other types a fruit to add a little more flavor and a lot more color to the mix. Maybe some grapes and definitely some watermelon. Ohhhh I’m so excited, I may have to go jump on the train and go to grocery store right now! On second thought, never mind, I can wait until tomorrow.



  1. […] much milder and more subtle. It actually does not have much flavor at all, but would be great in fruit salad. It’s spongy texture would soak up and compliment any fruit you combined it with. Plus […]

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