DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Flower

Living in Singapore has been fabulous, but it has put a little damper on my creative side. Not having all my wonderful craft tools readily available at my finger tips has been giving me anxiety, but finally I found a project that is simple enough for me to do while overseas without having to spend $$$ on tons of new $upplies. I am serious when I say this project is LOW BUDGET, but it does take a little time collecting the necessary supplies.


  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Spray Paint


Step 1. Collect as many toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls you can get your grubby little hands on. The more the better in my opinion… I used approximately 15 toilet paper rolls and 6 paper towel rolls for my wall flower. Be sure to remove all excess paper from the roll.

Step 2. Flatten the rolls so you can cut them into 1-inch circles (petals). There is no need to measure exactly! I cut the roll in half and then cut each half in half again, until I reached my desired size.

Notes: Try and keep the integrity of the roll, bending only the edges, keeping the middle part firm to maintain the “petal” shape.

Step 3. Continue to cut rolls until you have reached your desired amount. It’s ok if they are not all cut perfectly even. The different sized rolls and different length cuts will add dimension to your piece.

Step 4. Start building your flower with a basic 5-point star formation. (You don’t have to start from this point you can make whatever shape you like.)

Step 5. Continue to build off the 5-point star, creating whatever shape and size flower you like. I recommend experimenting with the “petals” before glueing any of them together. Play with it and see what design you like best. Once you have picked a basic formation take a picture of it so you can reference it when you glue it together.

Step 6. Start glueing the petals together. I used a hot glue gun, but you could use any type of glue you prefer. (I like the hot glue gun, because it is instant gratification.)

Notes: Be sure to build your flower on a flat surface to keep it even and level. Feel free to place your “petals” wherever you see fit.

Step 7. Once your piece is finished being built, it is time to paint. Pick whatever color suits your fancy. I recommend using a spray paint so it will easily coat in between the “petals”, but again I am sure any paint you prefer will do the trick. I was hanging this specific piece to a white wall so I chose a pop of color to accent the room, but next time I might mount it to a large canvas painted a fun color and make the flower white for a fun modern look. The possibilities are endless!

Step 8. I recommend at least 3 coats depending on how much your rolls absorb the paint. You want to cover all of the top and outside of the flower. Try to get inside and in between the “petals” as well. This was a little more difficult than I imagined.

Here is mine so far… I still want to make it bigger and possibly add a smaller flower branching off this larger one, but I will have to wait until I collect more rolls.

Have fun creating!


I continued adding to my wall flower as the weeks went on. Here is a picture of the final product.



  1. Shea Stella says:

    Elizabeth I really like your blog and this is really really cool idea!!

    • Thanks Shea! I am glad you like it. Congrats on your engagement! Very exciting time. Let me know if you need any ideas.

  2. I’m so glad you shared this. It’s amazing what beauty can come from putting together toilet rolls.

    • Thanks Flash! It was so much fun to make and I keep adding to it as time goes on. It has nearly doubled in size and has become quite the statement piece. 🙂

  3. Love, love LOVE!!! Great fresh idea! Well done! 🙂

  4. Really cool idea. I can’t wait to try this.

  5. Wouldn’t It be good to paint the rolls before you stick them? And then maybe a final coat over it all?

    • Hey Olivia,

      Yeah you could definitely do it that way too. That way you could paint your petals different colors and you would be sure to get a nice even coat all over. However, it may be a little hard to paint your pieces without getting paint all over your hands or marks all over your pieces. Having them all connect gives you a nice sturdy base.

      It also could get tricky when it comes to drying. Since I recommend spray painting outside or in a very well ventilated area, you may have issue with the individual pieces blowing away.

      Maybe you could paint the rolls before even cutting them, but I am not sure how the painted rolls will wear during the cutting process. Also your edges would not me painted, but I guess the final coat would solve that problem.

      If you try it let me know how it turns out.

  6. Patricia dlG says:

    Great project!

    To get to those hard-to-reach spots, ask your home improvement store about spray paint straws (similar to those used on a can of WD40).

    You can keep your spray paint nozzles clean by removing them, dipping them in paint thinner and blowing air through the line of the nozzle using a clean detail straw. Of course you can also buy replacement nozzles as well!

    Happy crafting!

  7. sandy nana says:

    how do you attach it to the walls

  8. sandy nana says:

    how do you attach it to the walls?

    • Hey Sandy!

      It’s super simple. I had a nail that was already placed in my wall and I just placed it at the height that I wanted. The petals make natural holes to hang the art flush with the wall. If you don’t want to make a permanent hole in the wall, you can use one of those sticky hooks or even the blue tac if your piece is light enough. Play with it and have fun!

      – EGG

  9. Hi, I am actually making a similar project and wondering if you had any spray paint types.

    • Hey Tara,

      When I made this one I was in Singapore, so art supplies were at a minimum. I used one I found at the bookstore oddly enough, but do not remember the brand name. Now that I am back in the states I usually use Krylon. You can find it at Home Depot or at art supply stores (Michaels or Hobby Lobby).

      Good Luck!

  10. Did you have any issues with the spray paint? I tried making several of just the flowers for my christmas tree this year, but I could not get the spray paint to take! I tried like five coats and it still seemed to just soak in to the roll. Then I gave up and just glitter sprayed them all which seemed to work fine 🙂

    • Nope not at all. I did about 3 coats and they covered pretty well. I used the color red, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

  11. Ruth Miracle says:

    i have been saving rolls for a while. A few paper towel rolls too.
    will wait to paint them till the weather gets warmer and it stops snowing and rainning.

  12. Sue Vandervoort says:

    How do I print the pictures of the process of making the wall flower? I’ve tried all the ways I know to copy and print … this idea and plan on making several.


    • Sue Vandervoort says:

      Getting everything together and saving TP rolls. I plan on purchasing a small, large number, clock and glue the rolls, after I paint each, around the clock. Anxious to see how it looks..Maybe a plastic yellow clock with yellow painted rolls to match… ??

  14. This flower is beautiful. I’m going to try to make a large one for a wall that needs something special & I think this is it. Thanks for this craft.


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