Perfect Tailgate Attire

Gameday Fashion 2

With college football season in full swing, it’s time for all you lovely ladies to dust off your finest gameday duds so you can cheer for your team in style. I went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, so whether I like it or not, I know a little something about the “perfect” tailgate attire. I am not saying I bought into the whole southern idea of wearing a dress to a football game, but I am certainly well versed on what it takes to support your team, while still looking fashionable. In honor of this Saturday’s upcoming games I thought I would post a couple of inspiration boards to show you how to rock your team’s colors without having to make a trip to the university bookstore for wardrobe tips. First up, my alma mater of course. Ironically they have a bye this weekend, which gives all you Mustangs a free weekend to go buy some fabulous gameday outfits. I have supplied a “Gameday Glamour” board for those girls that can’t bear to go one day sans stilettos, as well as a “Gameday Casual” version for the girls who are a little more on my level when it comes to tailgating and watching sports… Go Ponies!

Gameday Casual SMU
Gameday Glamour SMU


  1. Stephanie says:

    love the SMU Style!!!

    Tailgate Queen – gameday dresses

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