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Projector Wall Logo - The EGGSo far the best thing about the Hubby starting his own business has been me getting to do all the fun DIY projects for his office that I have not had an excuse to do at home. First I got to paint the company’s logo on one of their walls using a huge projector, which was so much fun. I have been wanting to try the projector project at home but never really had the use for it. However, I still kept pinning projector ideas and How-To tutorials on Pinterest waiting for the day I would have a reason to do it… and then Voila! In fact I started writing this post back in August and since then the company has expanded to a larger office in the same building. The new office meant I had got to paint another wall logo. Lucky me!

DIY Vinyl Wall Quote - The EGGAnother project I got the opportunity to do at the new office was a quote wall. I finally got to use my new Cricut machine to cut out vinyl letters to spell out an Aristotle quote on one of the walls in the engineer room. Click the link below to check out my process.


  • Cricut Machine
  • Self adhesive vinyl
  • Cricut spatula or exacto knife
  • Laser level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Favorite quote
  • Patience


DIY Vinyl Wall Quote - The EGGStep 1. Start by typing in your quote or design onto your Cricut.

DIY Vinyl Wall Quote - The EGGStep 2. Load your paper and cut out your design. Be sure to cut out your quote with scratch paper so you can decide on size and placement. Since my quote was so long, I printed mine about 3 different times before I found the right size. Before you start cutting, make sure your correct settings are selected for both paper type and size. If you are using rolled up vinyl, it can be tricky getting it on the Cricut mat. My advice take your time and line it up slowly and carefully. I suggest using the table edge to hold the bottom of the roll open as you place the top part on the mat. Once you have the top part lined up apply it to the sticky mat and press downwards to attach the rest, being sure to press out any air bubbles. (FYI my table in the background is not normally that cluttered. It has become the decor catch all as I decorate the rest of the house.)

photo 1 (8)

DIY Vinyl Wall Quote – The EGG

Step 3. Set your Cricut machine to the correct setting to cut the type of material you are using. In this case vinyl. You don’t want the machine to cut all the way through the vinyl backing turning them into stickers, you just want it to cut the top vinyl using the vinyl kiss setting.

DIY Vinyl Wall Quote - The EGGStep 4. After you have set the correct setting to the machine, you have to make sure the blade dial matches the settings on the Cricut screen.

Step 5. Then feed the mat and vinyl into the machine and press cut.

Step 6. Once the letters are cut it is time to place them on the wall. Normally you would use transfer paper to make sure the words are lined up correctly, however I chose not to use it for this project. Since the quote was so long, I figured it would be more trouble in the long run trying to cut transfer paper to equal sizes and so on and so forth. Plus I wanted to waste as little vinyl as possible, so I printed my quote without any spaces.

DIY Vinyl Wall Quote - The EGGStep 7. Measure your wall so you can center your quote. (You probably already did this when trying to find the right font size in step one.) Either way measure again to make sure you are lining everything up correctly. Then break out the old laser level to create the line for you to work off of.

DIY Vinyl Wall Quote - The EGGStep 8. Peel off your letters using the Cricut spatula or exacto knife. Honestly anything with a flat edge will work. If you are desperate and do not have craft supplies on hand a table knife will do the trick.

DIY Vinyl Wall Quote - The EGGStep 9. Apply your letters to the wall and be sure to press firmly down on the letters, pressing out any air bubbles. If your letter looks crooked, don’t worry, you can take it off and try it again. The vinyl is very forgiving, but this is where the spatula comes in handy. When placing the letters on the surface, be sure not to stretch the material. This will lower the adhesive level and the letters will eventually peel off with time and temperature changes.

DIY Vinyl Wall Quote - The EGGStep 10. Once all of the letters are applied to the wall, stand back and admire your handy work. You will be surprised how much the pop of the black letters on the white wall hides all the little imperfections… Well, for the most part anyway.

Notes: While I am super excited about my new machine, I am also a little disappointed. I thought I was going to be able to create my own designs to cut out on the Cricut in addition to the very expensive cartridges that have pre-loaded fonts and images, but I was wrong. Cricut has recently made it impossible to use a 3rd party software system to cut out your own .svg files. And when I say impossible I mean impossible. I even asked a super smart programmer to hack it for me and so far he does not think it is possible. Apparently Cricut is going to come out with their own software system that allows you to do this in the future, however, when that might be nobody knows. Not even the makers of the Cricut Provo Craft.

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