de • low • cious

Yep that’s my word! Well, really it is my Aunt Betty’s word, but I am stealing it and spreading it. My aunt has always had a way of taking normal, everyday words and making them sound way cooler. For example, when she answers the phone she does not just say hi, she says Hiya! And when she thinks something tastes good, she calls it delowcious.

Delowcious is similar to the word delicious, but even better and way more fun to say. It is pronounced (di-‘lau-shǝs) and is personally defined as anything, mainly food, but technically anything that is amazing. I say anything, because I have this great story about a girlfriend of mine, who also has her own unique interpretation of the english language and the world for that matter. One time we were at the beach in California, and she went into the ocean for a dip. As she was returning to our towels, a fellow male beach goer asked her how the water was. Her response… “Mmmm, it was delicious.” I immediately started cracking up. It was classic, and I will never forget it. From that day forward the definition of delicious forever changed in my book, and so now has the word delowcious. On a separate and somewhat unrelated note, that same beach was closed down the next day for polluted water. NOT DELOWCIOUS!

You will find I use the word a lot throughout my blogging. If I call it delowcious I am trying to say I tried it and I loved it so much, because it was either so delicious or so beautiful that it was worthy enough to be upgraded to delowcious status based on my own personal opinion and sometimes the opinions of others that I value. But I try not to get too hung up on what others think. So for the most part, I tried it and loved it.

I encourage you to learn it, love it, use it and spread the word at your own free will. Enjoy!



  1. […] but it is also day two of Myra’s Week of Peanut Butter Recipes. As promised I have another delowcious peanut butter recipe that happens to be another Paula Deen recipe. Paula must love her some peanut […]

  2. […] (sometimes the week) leading up to Fat Tuesday. So let’s get this party started with a delowcious cajun style cocktail. You don’t get much more N’awlins than a Hurricane. Thankfully […]

  3. […] eats. In honor of Bethenny’s season premier, I thought I would post one of her healthy, but delowcious meals. Well really it is supposed to be an appetizer, but I could definitely eat spinach artichoke […]

  4. […] to live in Singapore in 2 weeks, and Lent has started so I have been busy looking for new, easy and delowcious fish recipes. I sorta breezed over the whole living in Singapore thing didn’t I? I know, […]

  5. […] I thought I would be a big girl and cook myself lunch. I made myself a personal sized amount of delowcious bruschetta. I have to say, it was pretty tasty and pretty worth it too. Here is what I […]

  6. […] casserole recipes that allow you to spend the morning enjoying your family, while still enjoying a delowcious homemade […]

  7. […] Since it was a country, western, southern, cowboy chic, whatever you want to call it party, we had to have BBQ. We ordered the best California BBQ you can find (which is hard) and went to Armadillo Willy’s. I smuggled some Rudy’s BBQ Sauce home from Texas and had some friends make corn bread muffins and homemade potato salad. For dessert we had non other than warm apple pie and cold vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm I am getting hungry just talking about it.  It was absolutely delowcious! […]

  8. […] Notes: Try making it with different flavors of oatmeal… Doesn’t homemade cinnamon bread sound delowcious? […]

  9. […] they were drinking with the drag queens at the end of Season 3? I thought it looked fun and delowcious, so I went out in search of the recipe and this is what I […]

  10. […] Seasoning will most likely have to be adjusted… May be a little heavy on the lime. Tastes delowcious on Fish Tacos! Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Posted in […]

  11. […] my mind ever since I saw Giada make it on the Food Network weeks ago. I personally thought it was delowcious. That is until the Hubby chimed in. It all started with when I simply asked him to cut the […]

  12. […] the 1/3 cup of chicken stock. I am pretty sure that will fix the problem and make this meal delowcious again! Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Posted in Things […]

  13. […] did Tilapia Taco Tuesday actually happen on an actual Tuesday, but it was delicious. Pardon me, delowcious! I am not going to lie. I was a little nervous, but about the weirdest things… Like cutting […]

  14. […] I still need to make a cover and pillows for out of outdoor material. We have some pots (but not delowcious pots) and cool decorative bird cages. We have a dark black/brown wickerish outdoor storage bench […]

  15. […] Wedding thought of everything with this DIY project. Not only do you get the delowcious S’More ingredients, but you get your own roasting wire and directions on how to achieve the […]

  16. […] love this recipe! It is healthy, cost friendly, super simple to make and delowcious. I made it one night when I was searching the internet for chicken recipes. I feel like I am always […]

  17. […] bruises. Honestly, though everything is great! We got out this weekend and saw some sites, ate some delowcious food, and even got to see some music at the Mosaic Music Festival. Leave it to me to be on the […]

  18. […] made the initial cut. Surprisingly it is very easy to peel and it ensures not wasting any of the delowcious fruit. Enjoy! Share this: Pin ItLike this:Like3 bloggers like this post. Posted in Fruit, […]

  19. […] That rhymed.) Of course I had to buy a stock of it for my new pantry, and let me tell you, it is delowcious. It is better than I could have ever imagined. So far my favorite flavor is the curry. It is just […]

  20. […] makes the cut and is going to be put in the weekly rotation. Yummy yummy yummy. Ooooops I mean delowcious. Yep that’s my word. Well, really it’s my Aunt’s, but I’m steal’n it […]

  21. […] me on track and get excited about what I am doing. Plus next time I want to make this hopefully delowcious meal again I will have the recipe on hand. Ok let’s try this […]

  22. […] Check out for more delowcious recipes. Want to give Cowgirl Cookies as a gift? Check it out Y’all! Share this: Pin ItLike […]

  23. […] couple of weeks ago, Giada De Laurentiis had a delowcious meal on her show called Pasta alla Formiana. Between the huge chunks of cooked tomatoes and the […]

  24. […] Make it a surf and turf night by serving this delowcious pasta with Sausage and Gorgonzola Stuffed Portobello […]

  25. […] would be fun to make our own pizza from semi-scratch. It was a complete failure and everything but delowcious, however, it did provide tons of entertainment for his roommate at the time. I can only imagine […]

  26. […] checking out the new hood and trying out all the local restaurants. We stumbled upon one that is delowcious to the taste buds, but dangerous to the hips. And since we are going to a February wedding in […]

  27. […] Tastes delowcious with Paula’s Spicy Mayo Chicken […]

  28. […] I love frittatas! There is something about throwing a bunch of stuff together and having it come out in a cute little egg package. I found this little gem on the food blog, For the Love of Cooking. The author, Pam, has tons, and I mean tons, of great recipes. Every picture makes my mouth water and inspires me to keep cooking. In this particular frittata dish Pam combines egg, asparagus, bacon, asiago cheese, potatoes, and caramelized onions and mushrooms. Mmmm, sounds delowcious! […]

  29. […] to create spreads, on salads, or just simply eating a roasted bell pepper all by itself is also delowcious. I found a great and simple how to on Spicie Foodie. Check it […]

  30. […] for dinner I made a delowcious meal entirely out of ingredients I already had in-house. I don’t know what was more […]

  31. […] in one. Who doesn’t love that? You enjoy this recipe… I am going on the prowl for more delowcious […]

  32. […] When I make this delowcious casserole I add jalapenos for a little kick of spice. If you are cooking for any youngins or any […]

  33. […] WRONG again! Yes I get to keep up with them, but all they are doing is tempting me with their delowcious recipes and unattainable ingredients. It is driving me crazy. I get so inspired to cook a meal, but […]

  34. […] sesame oil, because they are dime a dozen. This next recipe is simple and easy, but packs a ton of delowcious flavor. Sure it’s Asian flavor, but it’s still good. Plus it looks pretty, if I do say […]

  35. […] or even dinner for that matter? However, there is one rule you have to remember when making this delowcious sandwich. DO NOT skimp on the ingredients. I don’t care if you are a lotta peanut butter and […]

  36. […] better way to top off a delowcious pepper crab dinner than with a stack of pancakes covered in fruit? It sounded very random and out […]

  37. […] if you are going to do it, why not soothe your woes with something fresh, healthy and most of all delowcious. I know what you are thinking, “Elizabeth, pizza is not a healthy food.” Yeah, yeah […]

  38. […] much he sees fit and places it between 2 wafers to make it like an ice cream sandwich. It was delowcious and made the time fly […]

  39. […] Place in oven until reached desired doneness. I like my yolk a little gooey, almost solid and the Hubby likes his yolks a little  more on the runny side. Everyone is different, but no matter how you make it, it turns out delowcious! […]

  40. […] and pan performance and my level of patience, but overall it is the closest I have gotten to the delowcious french toast of my childhood. When it comes down to making it, really I just eyeball everything, […]

  41. […] You can also get the same delowcious looking effect with a grapefruit version from The Barefoot Contessa via There Goes My Cupcake. So […]

  42. […] Salad. When it comes to texture and flavor, it is definitely too close to call. However, this delowcious salad is a little more labor intensive than most, especially if you decide to make your own special […]

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