Owl Sweater

I learned to knit when I was in the 6th or 7th grade. My aunt Aya taught me when she was sick with cancer and bed ridden. My grandmother and I would go over to her house everyday after school to spend time with her while she was in bed. On the days that she felt good she would teach me the tricks of the trade. She passed away before I learned a whole lot, but I can make a mean scarf. I think of her every time I knit something and wish she was still here to expand my knitting knowledge. I have never had the desire to make any sort of actual clothing, but I have wanted to make accessories like beanies or gloves. (They would go great with my scarfs) This is the first knitted sweater I ever considered putting on my body. I may have to learn to make it in honor of Aya. To learn how to make this awesome sweater, go to Needled and purchase the pattern. It is so worth it!

Design Details


1 30-32” (16 owls); 2 34” (17 owls); 3 36” (18 owls); 4 38” (19 owls); 5 40” (20 owls); 6 42” (21 owls), 7 44-46” (22 owls); 8 48-50” (24 owls).

Yarn Requirements:

1(540), 2(570), 3(600), 4(650), 5(700), 6(750), 7(800), 8(850) yards of chunky-weight yarn that knits to gauge (13 sts and 20 rows to 4 inches).


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