Poof Ball Monogram

I love large decorative monograms. We used them on the church doors at our wedding with real flowers, but fresh flowers can get very expensive. Plus if you are not a florist, doing DIY with flowers can be difficult because flowers are very delicate. I found this easy and inexpensive DIY tissue paper version on Catch My Party. The actual project was made by Pam Burrus, of Made During Nap Time. I love it because it is cost-effective decor and super cute. Plus it uses little miniature poof balls, which I absolutely love. Doesn’t get much better than that.


  • Cardboard or Foamboard (or Styrofoam) to make the letter template.
  • Tissue paper (probably around 24 sheets depending on how big your letter is and how big your tissue pom poms are).
  • Floral wire or trash ties
  • Hot Glue


Step 1. Cut the cardboard, foamboard, or Styrofoam into the letter or shape you wish. Although I used Styrofoam for the big pink “A” let me STRONGLY recommend using cardboard or foamboard. Styrofoam is expensive and messy.

Step 2. Take 8 sheets of tissue paper and cut them into 4.5″x5.5″ rectangles (or have fun experimenting with different sizes to fit your letter or your needs. For the smaller teal letter “K” I used 3″x3″ (ish) squares and it took 16 sheets of tissue paper. For the big pink letter “A” I used 4.5″x5x5″ (ish) rectangles and it took 24 sheets of tissue paper.

(Tip: To cut the rectangles I laid all 8 sheets on top of each other and then folded and cut down the seams to make it easier.  If you try to just make straight cuts they start sliding… and it makes it tricky.  Also try using an exacto knife.)

Step 3. Fold your ’8 layer sets’ of tissue paper like an accordion and use floral wire (or any type of wire) to tie up the centers.

        • For the big pink “A” I used about 3/4″ folds.
        • For the little teal “K” I used about 1/2″ folds.

(Tip: It just has to be approximate, so don’t go pulling out the ruler. You can play around with fold sizes too. The more folds the more ruffly your flowers will be but don’t make TOO many folds because it will be hard to “fluff.” You may also want to round your edges with some scissors, or you can make them come to a point. This will add more shape and dimension to your poms)

Step 4.Use your fingers to pinch the center to hold in place and slowly and carefully “fluff”  the tissue paper layers up one layer at a time starting by pulling the part closest to the center.  Working from the center out helps to separate the layers where it’s the tightest. Towards the last layer it will get pretty tricky, so I start folding the bottom layers down and then fluff them back up to the top.  It helps to really get them good and separated.

(Tip: Be very gentle when you do this, because the tissue may rip If it does it is OK, just rip that layer and be gentle with the next layer. I had about 10 of my flowers missing multiple layers but you couldn’t tell at all!!)

Step 5. Once they are fluffed – just pull out the hot glue gun and start gluing!  Depending on the size you used – you may notice that the poms aren’t perfectly round and have gaps on either side – this is NOT a problem and sometimes works to your benefit!

Step 6. To hang it – I just took a piece of ribbon and hot glued it to the back and then hung it on a wreath hanger or a hook.

(Tip: I recommend you spray paint or just paint the letter you cut out to semi-match whatever color your tissue paper flowers are.  That way if there are any gaps it will not show.  For the letter “K” in the example I just took some spray adhesive and laid a piece of tissue paper on top.  It was a quick cover just so the cardboard wouldn’t show.)

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